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Our Services

What Do We Repair?

We repair lots of electronic devices, from circuit boards to vacuum cleaners, from tractor joysticks to amplifiers. We have recently been repairing a lot of Biomass Boiler equipment like the TCNet Logic Controller


We do everything apart from white goods appliances (washing machines, dish washers etc)


We also do vintage radio/amplifier restoration including valve equipment. We can make repairs to vehicle control circuit boards including electronic Turbo actuators. 

Guitar Amp Amplifier Valve


We repair & refurbish valve amplifiers & all other Electronic Entertainment Systems, Including Disco units.

TV Smart TV
Smart TV's


Retel have been repairing televisions since 1982 and are proud of the fact that we were the 1st factory trained engineers in the repair of flat screen TV's & montiors in Cumbria. Plasma, LCD, LED and the latest Smart TV's are all repaired on site or in our fully equipped workshops.



We repair all other makes & models of computer equipment.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaners


We also repair vacuum cleaners. All makes and models are covered.

Microwave Oven
Microwave Ovens

We repair every make and model of Microwave Oven. Including Industrial Microwaves. 

TCNet Boiler Logic Controller
TCNet Boiler Logic Controller

We can repair various faults on both TCNet and TCNet2
logic controllers


Electronic Servicing

"The Electronic Experts"

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